Stocks making news Today

Our purpose is to provide investors with personalized information on how to invest in stocks and related financial instruments to build their wealth. Due to Covid the online marketplace has become more usual and investors can directly research and purchase stocks. All type of stocks can be traded e.g. SNDL Sundial Growers, NIO Limited, Foresight FRSX, American Airlines AAL, GE General Electric, AAPL, Apple. F Ford, RIG Transocean PLTR Palantir, PFE Pfizer, Carnival Cruises, TSLA Tesla, BAC Bank of America, FCEL FuelCell, MSFT Microsoft, OXY Occidental, WFC Wells Fargo, INTC Intel, AMD, Lucid Motors, CCIV, TBA, PLTK, SCR, APHA, AMC and so on.